DocWiz : Getting Started

DocWiz : Getting Started : License

This software was created by Simon Arthur. DocWiz version 0.68Beta, Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Simon Arthur. DocWiz comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the file LICENSE.txt . This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see LICENSE.txt for details.

The Java grammar is (c) Sun Microsystems, Inc.

DocWiz : Getting Started : Download

DocWiz0.68.jar : precompiled JAR package, last updated 2001-09-16, approximately 300 KB

For users of JDK 1.1: DocWiz-swing065.jar : precompiled JAR package of version 0.65, with Swing 1.1 libraries, last updated 1999-06-10, approximately 2.1 MB
docwiz.bat : a batch file for Windows/DOS users, contributed by Nat Mills
DocWizSource0.68.jar : the source code, last updated 2001-09-16

Some people have reported problems downloading the JAR file, seeing a Smart Update error. These users will need to save the file to disk. With Netscape: Right-click on this link to the JAR file and choose Save Link As from the popup menu.

Alternate download site at SourceForge .
Alternate download site at Tinyplanet .

DocWiz : Getting Started : Running DocWiz

You can start using DocWiz by downloading the JAR file and then running DocWiz by entering the following command (note the change from versions before 0.67):
java -jar DocWiz0.68.jar

You can see DocWiz's command-line options by entering

java -jar DocWiz0.68.jar --help

Also, some OS's, if configured correctly, will run DocWiz if you double-click on the JAR file's icon.

Windows/DOS users may want to try the batch file , contributed by Nat Mills, instead.

DocWiz : Getting Started : Using DocWiz

You can then open a Java source file by choosing File | Open from the menu. DocWiz will then provide a list of all the fields, methods and classes defined in that file. Click on any of these code elements to display a fill-in form for information about this code.

At any time, you can see what the JavaDoc comment for a code element will look like by choosing View | Formatted Comment .

When you're satisfied with the changes you've made, select File | Save to save your current file. DocWiz will make a backup copy of the original file by appending .BAK onto the end of the original name.

DocWiz : Getting Started : Troubleshooting

You need a JDK 1.2 (Java 2) compatible JVM to run DocWiz.