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DocWiz : Project DocWiz : Goals

Don't let DocWiz's Beta designation scare you, it's actually quite stable and usable, but is missing what I consider to be essential features.

Before declaring version 1.0 ready, I will make the following requirements:

I'd also like to have a freeware install program.

After 1.0, I plan to go to a split development tree, with even numbered releases being considered stable and experimental odd numbered releases.

Here's a rough outline of how DocWiz development might progress from there:

None of this is set in stone and is highly dependent upon how willing everyone is to contribute.

DocWiz : Project DocWiz : Bugs

DocWiz : Project DocWiz : Contribute

You can help out by fixing bugs and adding new features. I've got several tasks in mind that would be great for someone just starting out.

But if that's not your bag, there's other stuff for you to do as well. I need a compelte set of icons and a good-looking logo. I want to have a gallery of screenshots, showing DocWiz running under various operating systems.

DocWiz needs a good automated testing setup, with a broad variety of input files.

Have a look at the latest development sources via CVSWeb. DocWiz's version control is provided by the Giant Java Tree .

DocWiz : Project DocWiz : To Do

Here's a bunch of features I'd like to see, in no particular order.

DocWiz : Project DocWiz : Status

DocWiz is currently quite stable and usable. It's lacking a couple of features that would really make it shine, but I use it all the time to document my own source code.

DocWiz : Project DocWiz : Versions