The easiest way to add JavaDoc to your Java code.

2006-06-11: For the curious, I'm still working in Java. Lately, I've used Java to create a web based business, Big Blue Saw, specializing in turning CAD drawing into real aluminum, steel, and plastic parts using waterjet cutting.
2003-10-09: DocWiz project ends (for now). I have to be honest and say that I haven't given DocWiz the attention it has deserved for the past couple years. There haven't been any releases since 2001. The mailing list still exists, but gets very little traffic.

I'm not sad to be doing this, because DocWiz does everything I need it to do. I'm moving the website to SourceForge in the hope that it can serve as a monument to DocWiz's existence. The source code is available for download, and is still GPL licensed. You are welcome to pick up where I left off. You can also still contact me about DocWiz or anything else: is likely to work for a long time.
-- Simon Arthur
2001-09-16: DocWiz 0.68 released.
2001-09-07: DocWiz 0.67 released.
2000-12-19: Alternate download sites added.
2000-07-12: DocWiz 0.66 released.
1999-06-24: DocWiz 0.65 released.
1999-06-10: DocWiz 0.64 released.
1999-05-16: DocWiz 0.63 released.
1999-04-28: DocWiz 0.62 released.
1999-04-22: DocWiz 0.61 released.
1999-03-18: DocWiz source now available on the Giant Java Tree .
1999-01-02: DocWiz 0.60 released.
1998-12-30: Updated the look and structure of the web site!

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